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Home Assistant Core#

To use Auto Backup on Home Assistant Core you will need to have the backup integration loaded, if you are already using default_config (enabled by default) then this will already be loaded.


Currently, you cannot configure the backup password, this may change in the future, but is due to the built-in backup integration not providing this option. Additionally, the addons and folders options are irrelevant for Home Assistant Core users.


Currently, the name option is not natively supported on Home Assistant Core. Auto Backup, however, provides a patch that enables this functionality through its service calls.

The patch is only temporarily enabled when attempting to create a backup with a custom name, if you do not specify the name field for any of Auto Backup's services the patch wont be applied. This is an experimental feature, and while the implementation is fairly robust if you experience any issues you can stop using the name field and report an issue on GitHub.