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Auto Backup is an Improved Backup Service for Home Assistant that can Automatically Remove Backups and Supports Generational Backup Schemes.

Open your Home Assistant instance and open a repository inside the Home Assistant Community Store.

While Home Assistant does provide built-in services for creating backups, they do not provide the ability to exclude items from a backup, or a way to automatically remove them, this custom component aims to fix that.



After installing Auto Backup via HACS, it can then be setup via the UI, by going to ConfigurationDevices & ServicesAdd IntegrationAuto Backup or by clicking the button below.

Open your Home Assistant instance and start setting up a new integration.


Option Description
Automatically delete expired backups This option will automatically purge any expired backups when creating a new backup.
Backup Timeout You can increase this value if you get timeout errors when creating a backup. This can happen with very large backups. Increasing this might make Auto Backup less reliable at monitoring backups to delete.